Don’t just follow trends….


I am all about building and maintaining relationships. I will work hard to secure your business, even harder to keep it.

Designing and developing Websites is what I do, in-fact unlike a lot of my competition…’s pretty much the only thing I do. It’s been my primary source of income for well over 10 years.

I can hand code you a Website from scratch or I can build you a Website using any number of templates including those found on WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce and Neto (to name but a few). Either way you will end up with a Website that you can easily self manage and a Website that will grow as your needs change and/or develop. Your Website will look beautiful and function 100% correctly on any platform, be it a desktop, a tablet, a mobile phone, even a giant TV!

All of my Websites are created with strong and effective on-page SEO in place. No point having a great looking Website, if no one can find it! I will work with you to get your content optimised for search engines, while ensuring that the backend adheres to the strict coding and structural guidelines of Google.

Being a skilled coder gives me the advantage of understanding what sits behind the text and graphics that make up a Website. This is vital in troubleshooting issues with a Website or allowing me to manipulate a template to do things it was not originally designed to do. Understanding code (HTML & CSS) is as important as the artistic skill required to make your Website standout from the crowd.

Don’t just get someone who can drop in some pictures, text and choose a colour scheme to match your logo. Insist on a Website designer who can also code…..that’s someone who can manipulate the code within a template to customise the design to your specific needs. It’s also someone who can code a Website from the ground up, using the latest standards of HTML and CSS. That’s what you will get with me, someone who can build you a beautiful Website that works and gets you the results you need.

Shopify Partner, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Dreamweaver